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Posted on June 12, 2014 at 6:12 AM Comments comments (323)
At Lexie's we have been reading lots of articles on how to get inside the mind of your skin and how closely your mind and skin are linked.  The government have now committed funds to providing psychological support for skin complaints combining Skin & Mind.

It is very interesting this co-dependant relationship between skin and our psyche which isn’t a new development.  It starts before we are even born. The skin and the nervous system originate from the same tissue in the foetus, explains Dr Christopher Bridgett, a London based psychiatrist who specialises in psychodermatology.  The tissue known as the ectoderm forms the skin and then curls inwards at the top to form the brain. As a result your brain and central nervous system which sends messages throughout the body and your skin are all intimately connected, phrases like red with anger and pale with fear have become phrases used by people regularly, because the same network that allows the brain to communicate with the skin and vice versa also comes into play when our emotions are heightened.

This implies not only do we have to make sure we use the correct products for our skin but we have to relax the mind and de stress to have the perfect complexion. Stress caused by work, anxiety and the fast pace of modern living, may present itself on the skin’s surface in many ways.  In the form of rosacea, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne, hormonal breakouts, dull complexions, fine lines and dehydration.
“When your innermost feelings show themselves via your skin for the world to see, it can feel like your body is betraying you,” says Dr Anthony Bewley, consultant dermatologist at London’s Barts Health NHS Trust.
Psychodermatology is about helping you take back control. Rather than thinking, ‘Why is my body doing this to me?’
patients can access the dermatological and psychological tools which will help them deal with the problem more completely.   Forget the eyes being the windows to the soul, if you really want to know how someone is feeling just take a look at their skin.   Whether its developing uncontrollably itchy eczema while preparing for an important presentation or a tell-tale blotchy rash all over your neck during a tricky interview or breakouts after a relationship split, the intrinsic link between our brain and our skin means our emotions are written all over our faces.

At Lexie’s we offer a wide range of combination treatments for the face and body, feeding your skin all the nutrients and vitamins it needs, together with relaxation, encouraging the mind to slow down, clear and rest. This improves well-being on the inside thus showing on the outside, resulting in a more relaxed you promoting a radiant glow.