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What do your nails say about you?

Posted on September 29, 2014 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (172)

What do your nails say about you?



Nail trends come and go, but often we stick to our go-to shape without a second thought. Read on to find out what our favoured nail shape says about us and which you should really be trying.

RoundThis classic shape is says it all; you've worked the same style for some time and you most likely stuck with the same manicurist for years. Your wardrobe isn’t as pedestrian; you favour timeless over trend-based pieces and you like your nails to take a backseat to your sartorial choices.

Tip: This can be used to make hands that are a little bigger look smaller as it directs the eye down the natural contour of the finger.
Try this: The round shape suits most nail types and is the perfect base for trying out new shades and textures. 

Square This shape is overall less subtle than the pointed or oval-based shapes so you’re probably the type of person who doesn’t mind trying loud colours or exploring nail art. Your style runs the same course with experimental or statement pieces.

Tip: The key is to avoid making nails look shorter which is what this shape tends to do. Try filing the sides of nails to keep this look long and elegant, not stunted.
Try this: If you have a narrow nail bed, but steer clear if your nails are on the wider side as it won’t flatter.

Stiletto You’ve been watching the ins and outs of the nails world closely and know this is the shape has been steadily gaining momentum since seen on the spring/summer '13 runways. You don’t shy from the spotlight, so that’s why Lana Del Ray, Rihanna and Nicole Richie favour the same style. If you’re matching this with a simple evening look and not OTT trophy jackets, you’re on the right track.

Tip: Avoid dark colours like black and semi-black purples and reds. Think haute, rather than Halloween.
Try this: If you have a short nail bed as the space needed to create the tip adds length.

Pointed - A diluted version of the stiletto nail, this is for those with modern taste. Quality is important to you, and you won’t go for anything that looks dated or vintage. This softer version of the stiletto has a future-classic appeal that suits you perfectly.

Tip: Don’t grow nails longer than a centimeter past your finger tip or you’ll be treading close to tacky.
Try this: If you have a wider nail bed this one is for you as it draws the eye to the narrowing tip.

Squoval (square-oval)You’re not into experimenting and you like the status quo. Simple, elegant and halfway between a rounded and square nail your manicure matches your style that errs on the classic side which you update regularly with seasonal accessories.

Tip: You can alter this style to suit your finger shape. Go slightly more rounded if you have wide nails and if you have a thinner nail width you can afford to go more square.
Try this: If you want a simple wear-anywhere shape, or if you're a fence-sitter between an oval and a square (the best of both worlds!)

We look forward to seeing you at Lexie’s and experimenting with your nail shape and colours.

Colour of the week at Lexie’s is: Nude



Model Skin is Crystal Clear...........

Posted on July 31, 2014 at 6:32 AM Comments comments (419)
Model Skin is ‘Crystal Clear'

Aspire to “Shine like the stars on the ‘London’ Catwalk.”

IN THE KNOW…… 'Crystal Clear’ were on hand at this season’s London Fashion Week to offer models skin perfection ahead of hitting the runways for Tom Ford, Valentino and Marni.

‘Crystal Clear’ with over 18 years of innovative skincare solutions and an amazing reputation amongst beauty professionals and celebrities. ‘Crystal Clear’ offers pioneering skincare products that actually work, taking the best that science and nature have to offer.
See why the press are talking about ‘Crystal Clears’ stay young range

'You will notice a lifted jawline and plumper skin' - Grazia Magazine

‘Join the anti-ageing revolution' – Grazia Magazine

‘Intense anti-ageing serum is a miracle’ – Cosmopolitan Magazine

‘Lift eyes, tightens cheeks and firms up saggy jaw lines - Buzz off wrinkles!' – Daily Mail

When needles go too far and a moisturiser isn’t enough, lift away the years.

Crystal Clear' complexion call into Lexie's for a "free" consultation, with expert advice, treatments and products, to aid your skin towards the radiance we all desire.



67B Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5BW

Tel: 02085058500


Skin & Mind

Posted on June 12, 2014 at 6:12 AM Comments comments (325)
At Lexie's we have been reading lots of articles on how to get inside the mind of your skin and how closely your mind and skin are linked.  The government have now committed funds to providing psychological support for skin complaints combining Skin & Mind.

It is very interesting this co-dependant relationship between skin and our psyche which isn’t a new development.  It starts before we are even born. The skin and the nervous system originate from the same tissue in the foetus, explains Dr Christopher Bridgett, a London based psychiatrist who specialises in psychodermatology.  The tissue known as the ectoderm forms the skin and then curls inwards at the top to form the brain. As a result your brain and central nervous system which sends messages throughout the body and your skin are all intimately connected, phrases like red with anger and pale with fear have become phrases used by people regularly, because the same network that allows the brain to communicate with the skin and vice versa also comes into play when our emotions are heightened.

This implies not only do we have to make sure we use the correct products for our skin but we have to relax the mind and de stress to have the perfect complexion. Stress caused by work, anxiety and the fast pace of modern living, may present itself on the skin’s surface in many ways.  In the form of rosacea, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne, hormonal breakouts, dull complexions, fine lines and dehydration.
“When your innermost feelings show themselves via your skin for the world to see, it can feel like your body is betraying you,” says Dr Anthony Bewley, consultant dermatologist at London’s Barts Health NHS Trust.
Psychodermatology is about helping you take back control. Rather than thinking, ‘Why is my body doing this to me?’
patients can access the dermatological and psychological tools which will help them deal with the problem more completely.   Forget the eyes being the windows to the soul, if you really want to know how someone is feeling just take a look at their skin.   Whether its developing uncontrollably itchy eczema while preparing for an important presentation or a tell-tale blotchy rash all over your neck during a tricky interview or breakouts after a relationship split, the intrinsic link between our brain and our skin means our emotions are written all over our faces.

At Lexie’s we offer a wide range of combination treatments for the face and body, feeding your skin all the nutrients and vitamins it needs, together with relaxation, encouraging the mind to slow down, clear and rest. This improves well-being on the inside thus showing on the outside, resulting in a more relaxed you promoting a radiant glow.

Environ - The new RAD Spray SPF25 - Available at Lexie's.....

Posted on May 29, 2014 at 4:21 AM Comments comments (377)

There has been lots of talk on the news and in the press highlighting the three toxic ingredients that can be found in many sun protection products.

The new RAD Spray SPF25 is free of these toxic ingredients and is so pure it can be used on babies, over six months.

Be sun aware
Be safe in the sun
Be sure of what is in your sun care preparations 

The new RAD Spray SPF25, in a 120ml retail size bottle, meets demands for a lighter, more fluid formulation that spreads more easily over the skin while retaining all the benefits of the original RAD cream. The new formulation was created with an SPF25 in order to gain valuable certification from the Cancer Association of South Africa. This broad spectrum, medium protection sun lotion contains four different sunscreen elements which defend against UVA and UVB. Various antioxidants and vitamins also increase the level of protection. 

  • Provides a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 25.
  • Easily-absorbed milky texture can be sprayed onto the entire body for a silky after-feel.
  • Contains various antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, rosemary leaf extract and colourless carotenoids derived from tomatoes, which have been scientifically proven to assist in protecting against free radicals and sun damage.
  • Malt Secrets® (barley seed extract) is rich in polyphenols and ferulic acid. This ingredient is proven to work in synergy with vitamins C and E and has excellent anti-ageing and antioxidant properties.
  • Recognised by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) as a broad spectrum sunscreen providing adequate UVA and UVB protection.

Directions of use:
Spray onto your hands and rub Environ RAD Spray SPF25 in an even layer to the face, neck and body. It is recommended to apply before going in the sun and to re-apply frequently (every 1.5 to 2 hours) to achieve optimal sun protection.  Wait a few moments for the cream to be absorbed.  It is suitable for use under make-up.   It is suitable for all skin types and for all ages, even on a baby from the age of six months.

A spray not a spritz! A note from Environ® founder Dr Des Fernandes:
“This is not a sunscreen to spray on like an alcohol-based spray. No one can make an effective safe sunscreen that is simply sprayed on the skin without being massaged over the skin.
“I am fundamentally opposed to an alcohol-type spray because first of all it does not ensure uniform protection, and there is considerable pollution of the atmosphere from these sprays. Furthermore, they can be inhaled and there are no studies to show safety of inhalation of sunscreen agents.”

Available at Lexie's. To enquire pop in, 67B Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5BW or call on Tel: 02085058500.

CACI Ultimate - "Ultimate" the state of art new microlift technology - Facial treatments and products available at Lexie's

Posted on May 8, 2014 at 5:44 AM Comments comments (573)

CACI Ultimate - "Ultimate" the state of art new microlift technology.

The result of over 20 years research, the award winning CACI Facial Toning Treatment has been voted  'the most effective anti -aging treatment available.'  The CACI Ultimate is the only treatment system to combine CACI Non Surgical Facial Toning and Crystal Free Orbital Microdermabrasion and LED Light Therapy. The systems multifunctional capabilities enable the operator to offer the most comprehensive range of non-surgical treatment options available.

Treatments include:

  • Facial Toning & Lifting
  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Eye Bags
  • Skin Hydration
  • Skin Peeling
  • Acne & Blemishes
  • Neck Treatments
  • Cellulite (with ECM)
  • Stretch Marks
  • Hand Treatments

 "The CACI Difference"

All CACI systems deliver micro current energy using ultra low frequencies and the power of a unique digitally stimulated tidal wave.  This special digital waveform optimises results and comfort by gradually increasing in intensity to overcome skin resistance (Ohm's Law).  It then rises to a peak in order to deliver the full power of the micro current energy deep into the muscle. 

Facial treatments and products available at Lexie's. To enquire pop in, 67B Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5BW or call on Tel: 02085058500.


Heaven Bee Venom Eyes - WINNER of Best Eye Cream at the Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards 2014

Posted on April 17, 2014 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (176)
Amazing news - Congratulations to Deborah Mitchell on your award for Heaven Bee Venom Eyes - WINNER of Best Eye Cream at the Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards 2014.

Available at Lexie's. To enquire pop in, 67B Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5BW or call on 02085058500.

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Proto-col Pure Collagen Skin Supplement Tablets - Available at Lexie's

Posted on April 17, 2014 at 4:36 AM Comments comments (369)

Proto-col Pure Collagen Skin Supplement Tablets......

Collagen is a natural protein that is made up of amino acids the natural building blocks of our skin. Collagen is found throughout the body in skin, muscle, tendon and bone, and makes up 75% of the total protein of the body.

Your natural supply of collagen starts to decrease from around 25 years of age at a rate of about 1.5% per year, reaching approximately a 30% loss by the age of 45.

This causes the formation of fine lines and wrinkles of the skin, particularly noticeable around the eyes and the mouth.
This is because the skin becomes less elastic with age.

   Available at Lexie's.

To enquire pop in, 67B Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5BW or call on Tel: 02085058500.


Posted on April 10, 2014 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (133)
Available at Lexie’s. To enquire pop in, 67B Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5BW or call on Tel: 02085058500.

We are so pleased with the results of REVITALASH and REVITABROW products. We are the only authorised stockists locally, forget false lashes, grow your own with this amazing product. 

What is Revitalash?  

If your lashes are in need of a bit of a boost, look no further than the latest evolution in lash enhancing products, Revitalash. Now, for the first time, women can actually enhance their own eyelashes and achieve longer, thicker, fuller, and darker looking lashes even without makeup.

What does Revitalash do?

Revitalash is a unique eyelash conditioner that will help you achieve the beautiful look of Longer, Thicker and Fuller eyelashes.  Like liquid eyeliner, Revitalash is simply applied once a day. Within three to ten weeks, you own natural eyelashes will look longer, thicker, fuller and BEAUTIFUL!

Advantages include:

  • It's safe for those suffering from glaucoma.
  • It's safe for those that wear contact lenses.
  • It lasts for 3 -5 months.
  • It's cheaper than false eyelashes and it's better for your own eyelashes.
  • It contains a derivative of an ingredients commonly found in glaucoma medicine which conditions the area where the lashes come through and stimulates the follicles to promote longer, fuller and thicker lashes.
  • People who have lost lashes and brows due to cancer, thyroid disease or menopause can all benefit from using Revitalash.
  • You can now use the same technology as Revitalash (with some additional ingredients) to improve the quality of your eyebrows - Revitabrow.

Facts about Revitalash:

  • It is now one of the best selling products on the market.
  • It is the ONLY product on the market which is developed by an ophthalmologist (an eye doctor) - his name is Dr Michael Brinkenhoff and the product was originally developed for his wife Gayle who's a 6 x cancer survivor and who's been through chemotherapy 8 times!
  • No matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin, or sparse your eye lashes are, Revitalash can help you achieve long, beautiful, healthy looking eyelashes.
  • Revitalash is suitable for anyone who has thin, sparse, eyelashes.
  • Gayle and Michael are committed to donating a portion of the proceeds of Revitalash sales to benefit non-profit breast cancer research and education initiatives.

What's the "BUZZ" about......Bee Venom Mask

Posted on March 27, 2014 at 6:58 AM Comments comments (253)
What’s the "BUZZ" about……. BEE VENOM MASK........

Bee Venom Mask: Available at Lexie's.
To enquire pop in, 67B Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5BW or call on Tel: 02085058500.

Nature's alternative to "Botox" the first product of its kind. It's sure to create a buzz within your beauty routine. This unique product has been specially created using natural and organic ingredients, combined to work in synergy for an instant anti-ageing effect.

Containing Manuka Honey, renowned for its soothing and healing properties, it also contains the magic Bee Venom ingredient that works to control the facial muscles for immediate lifting, tightening and firming, whilst getting to work on frown lines and wrinkles.

Bee Venom Mask also contains ingredients of softening and calming Shea Butter, Rose and Lavender essential oils - leaving you looking your youthful best.

Apply Heaven Bee Venom mask morning and evening, apply a small amount on top of your moisturiser / or use on its own and leave on. Your skin will look and feel instantly younger and smoother. 
Size: Bee Venom Mask 50ml (£73.00), Black Label Bee Venom Mask 50ml (£154.00) – N.B. Black Label Bee Venom Mask has a higher concentrate of Bee Venom.

Heaven Bee Sting Facial Home Kit - Perfect Gift for Mother's Day.....

Posted on March 20, 2014 at 6:49 AM Comments comments (223)
Treat your mother to the new Heaven Bee Sting facial regime.

This superb kit will have you looking and feeling 10 years younger. Used daily these products will help to plump out fine lines, hydrate you skin and rejuvenate your complexion.

25ml Limited Edition Cleanser
25ml Skin Polish Exfoliator
25ml Orange Flower Cell Renewal
15ml Age Defiance
15ml Divine Cream
30ml SOS Oil
15ml Bee Venom Eyes
15ml Bee Venom Mask

Heaven Bee Sting Facial Home Kit – The perfect gift for Mother's Day.......... Available at Lexie's. Price £190.00.
To enquire pop in, 67B Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5BW or call on Tel: 02085058500.

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