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What is the latest cutting edge treatment for glowing skin?

The team at Lexie’s are specialising in a new skin revitalising programme called mesotherapy, which has been introduced to the beauty industry from the medical world. This is only being performed by highly experienced beauty therapists We believe that skin is a lifelong investment and taking care of it is paramount. Mesotherapy is a non invasive and affordable. The skin is fed a cocktail of vitamins, hylaronic acid & amino acids, which transport through the layers using superficial micro needling. The nutrients reach deep into the dermis, using injections that barely break the skins surface and are comparable to acupuncture in their level of invasion. The benefits are rejuvenation, hydration, toning, revitalisation and repair. Creating new collagen thus reducing the effects of sun damage & ageing, to reveal a glowing and healthy complexion. This treatment is often combined with a glycolic skin peel to enhance radiance, revealing a more even skin tone and softening fine lines and wrinkles.

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