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THIS is where we get down to the detail…as if we didn’t have enough bits of our bodies to fuss over; it seems that the brows have to have it. There’s no room for a quick tweeze in a steamy bathroom mirror these days, one slip of that hand and you’re in the bad place! The one that requires a pencilled in creation a la Edith Piaf, not a good look in this day and age. To achieve the perfect brow you need a professional, it’s that simple. Someone with the vision to create the best possible look for you. Don’t fall foul of running with pack with eyebrow trends either because really and truly, the ‘Scousebrow’ (thick and flat for those not in the know) may frame a face with a strong jaw line to perfection, but for some the result is something resembling a couple of estranged caterpillars. Sue and Lexie Simberg are the kind of professionals to look for. With years of experience they combine different techniques to achieve the perfect shape, arch and colour to suit your face. Starting with a basic consultation to determine the look required, whether it be high definition or a more natural look, they create the brow shape using many (often combined) techniques such as waxing, tweezing, and tinting to create a basic brow shape. If more grooming is required, they introduce semi-permanent colour and injectibles to lift and shape the arch. Now just practice that seductive one brow raise. 

Phone: 020 8505 8500

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